Digital Synergy & Smart Innovation June 16-19,2016
The Venue : Dalian World Expo Center

The Summit Forum

China International Software and Information Service Forum and Entrepreneurs’ Summit 2016 2016-06-16 Free

The Trends Forums

Excel IT Engineer Training Forum 2016-06-16 Charge
China International Software and Information Service Outsourcing Forum 2016 2016-06-17 Free
International Investment Promotion Association 2016-06-17
China Software IP Protection Forum 2016 2016-06-18 Free
China (Dalian) Internet+ Start-up Summit 2016—Connecting Silicon Valley 2016-06-17 Free
Intelligent manufacturing Trend and Application Forum 2016 2016-06-16 Free
China Software Trend Conference 2016 2016-06-17 Free
The 8th China IT Project Management Forum 2016 2016-06-18

Application Forums

Internet+ Agriculture Forum 2016-06-16 Free
Internet+ Finance Forum 2016-06-17 Free
China Mobile Internet E-Commerce Entrepreneur Conference 2016-06-18 Free
Internet+ Big Health Forum 2016-06-19 Free
Innovating Intelligent Enterprise, Practicing Chinese Manufacturing 2016-06-16 Free
Heat Supply Technology and Information Management Forum 2016 Charge
The 1ST Financial Cloud Computing Application Innovation Forum 2016-06-17 Free

Technology Forums

SaaS Development and Application Forum 2016 2016-06-18 Free
Focus on Micro Business and Win-win Future Business Forum 2016-06-18 Free
The 5th Mobile Internet “Golden Finger Award” Forum & Intelligent Life Experience Show 2016-06-16 Free
Corporate Service Innovation Forum 2016 2016-06-17 Free
The 1st Service Outsourcing and the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" Forum 2016-06-18
Internet+ & 3-Dementional Innovative Eco Forum 2016-06-18 Free

Business Events

China Software and Information Service Industry Annual Selection 2015-2016
Annual Release of China Software and Information Service 2015-2016 2016-06-16
China-Overseas Companies Connect Seminar 2016-06-17 Free
Manufacturing Information Application Network Meeting 2016-06-17 Free
China International IT Job Hunting Fair 2016 2016-06-19
Dalian International E-sports League (Xishanju) 2016-06-17~18
IT Business Tour of Dalian (morning) 2016-06-17 Free
IT Business Tour of Dalian (afternoon) 2016-06-17 Free
China Software Channel Conference 2016 2016-06-16 Free